How do I add a new donation to my existing profile?


First, thank you for your generosity! To make additional donations to an organization you've donated to in the past, log in to your profile and look for the "Your Locations" section under "My Account." Click the name of the charity you'd like to make an additional donation to, and complete the form just like you did when you made your first donation.

To give to a new organization, you'll still want to be logged in to your existing GiveCentral account. You do not need to create a new account for every charity, GiveCentral stores all your giving in one place! 

  1. Click the "Donate" link in the upper right of the screen.
  2. Search for the name of the new charity, then scroll down to click its name or image.
  3. Choose the fund you'd like to donate to, and complete the form as usual. (For more detailed instructions on setting up a new donation, you can follow the steps listed in "How Do I Register?")

It's that easy! The new charity will now be listed under "Your Locations" and all of your giving will be recorded in your account. GiveCentral even generates individual tax letters for each charity you donate to, making things easy at tax time.


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