My payment was declined. What does this error code mean?


There are a number of reasons a payment may be declined, but luckily most of them are easily remedied. The most common error messages may be found below, along with solutions for each one. 

AUTH DECLINED 200: The most "mysterious" of the error messages, this is simply a security measure on the part of your credit card company. They are trying to make sure it's really you making your generous donations! Just contact your card company to let them know that charges to your church, school or other favorite nonprofit are authorized by you, and then you may re-attempt your payment as you like.

INVALID EXP DATE 205: This simply means that the card you have stored in your GiveCentral account needs to have its expiration date updated. To do so, go to the "My Profile" section of your account and find the appropriate card under the "Payment Information" heading. Click the "Edit" icon next to the card you'd like to update, and change the expiration date. Save your changes, and then you may re-attempt your payment if you wish.

INVALID CARD 302: This error code indicates that there's something that doesn't match up in the card information you entered into your GiveCentral account. Most often, it's just a mix-up in entering your card number, but sometimes it's because the name and/or address doesn't match correctly. You may need to re-enter your credit card information entirely; we suggest you use the "replace" option next to the card listed in "My Profile" under "Payment Information." After your card information has been entered correctly, you may re-attempt your declined payment.

ABA IS INVALID: This message is only seen if you're using a direct debit from your bank account to make your donations and payments. It's similar to the "INVALID CARD" error, indicating that something in either the account or routing number is incorrect. Just replace the incorrect account with the right numbers, and then you'll be able to re-attempt your payment.

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