How do I adjust my recurring donation or payment?


You can log on to your GiveCentral account and change your recurring giving or payments at any time. Here's how:

  1. Log in to GiveCentral and go to "My Account." If you are currently signed up for any recurring gifts or payments, there will be a list of these events here. 
  2. To the right of the name of the event you want to edit is a row of small icons. Click the middle one to edit your recurring event. 

    GiveCentral profile page screen image with the Edit button circled in red

  3. Make your changes to the event however you like, and click "save gift." (If you need to update the payment method for this event, those options are on the next screen.)
  4. Confirm the payment method to be used for this donation, and click "confirm my gift."
  5. You will be returned to your account where you can confirm that your event was updated correctly. You'll also receive an email confirming your changes.
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